Corbett Hefner

Corbett Hefner
Global Fiber Processing /Formation Ag

Corbett spent 25+ years in the flexible packaging industry inventing and pioneering many of the fresh produce packages the world buys every day. The results of that work are 18 issued patents for these innovations. Since early 2016 he has been instrumental in developing machines for industrial hemp purposes. The last 6 plus years have been spent designing, fabricating and implementing machinery new techniques for the entire hemp supply chain. Beginning with planting, cultivation, harvesting, processing and pre extraction equipment. He’s also spent the last several seasons working on fiber decortication machinery to re-ignite the hemp fiber and hurd markets. The results of that work are the Fiber Track line of machinery Corbett incorporates Lean Manufacturing principles into machine designs that yield common sense, simple, cost effective agricultural implement solutions for customers around the globe. He is skilled in agronomy, business development, agriculture machinery design, flexible packaging and business process improvement. He has a B.S. in Bio Agricultural Science with a concentration in Plant Pathology from Colorado State University. Separate info for Formation Ag: Formation Ag engineers and fabricates equipment solutions for harvesting and processing hemp and CBD oil. They work with farmers to develop cost-effective and cutting-edge technology to make crops such as hemp possible at an industrial scale. Their equipment helps farmers plant, grow, harvest, and process hemp to increase yield per acre.

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