Doug Fine

Doug Fine
Regenerative Farmer/Author of American Hemp Farmer

Doug Fine is a comedic investigative journalist, bestselling author and solar-powered goat herder/hemp polyculture farmer. His latest book, American Hemp Farmer, was nominated as the Santa Fe Reporter’s 2021 Book of the Year and helped shepherd the regenerative farming renaissance. His focus for 15 years has been sustainable living for regular folks, including his Boston Globe bestseller Farewell, My Subaru. Doug has cultivated hemp food for farm-to-table products & seed-building in six U.S. states and his own hemp seeds have been used to clean soil in a New Mexico university study. His other books include Too High to Fail and Hemp Bound. Willie Nelson calls Doug’s work “a blueprint for the America of the future.” He's appeared on Conan, reported from five continents for NPR and testified before the UN about freedom to farm. In addition to his own crops, he advises clients worldwide on regenerative hemp and polyculture. His online hemp course, books and booking contact are at Twitter and Instagram: @organiccowboy

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