Ed Lehrburger

Ed Lehrburger
PureHemp Technology LLC
Executive Manager

Founded in 2014, PureHemp Technology has been advancing new technologies to utilize the whole hemp plant. After significant advances making hemp pulp and paper, PureHemp Pulp & Paper is a newly-formed spin-off company. At the Southern Hemp Expo, Ed will be discussing how a new line of hemp-based pulp and paper products are entering national and international markets. In addition to hemp pulp and paper products, PureHemp has begun to produce lactic acid from 100% hemp stalks on a laboratory scale. With proper funding, the new spin-off company, Pure BioPlastics, Inc. will scale up its patent pending and economically viable hemp-to-PLA (poly lactic acid) technology.

Speaking at:

Industrial Hemp Operators and The Challenges of Raising Capital