Guy Carpenter

Guy Carpenter
Bear Fiber Inc.

Guy Carpenter cofounded Bear Fiber in 2017. It soon became the first company to grow and domestically process Textile Grade American Hemp Fiber and manufacture commercial yarns, textiles and finished apparel. He has worked on 5 continents in textile/apparel manufacturing and economic/workforce development including a decade of consulting in both the public and private sector. His attention to textile quality evolved into a focus on natural and sustainable fibers. His expertise in hemp fiber processing, yarn and textile development developed from decades of experience in China and Eastern Europe. He has served as the Agri-Business Commissioner for The North Carolina Industrial Hemp Pilot Commission, as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Niger, West Africa and in the U.S. Army as an Airborne/Air Assault Calvary Scout. Guy lives and works in Morganton, North Carolina collaborating with The Industrial Commons, Material Return and the Carolina Textile District to regenerate our American textile industry by providing good jobs and making great products in the USA. #HEMPMAKESITBETTER

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A Linthead's Perspective- Textile and Apparel Grade Hemp Fiber. What It Is - What It Isn't - What It Will Be