Jason Finnis

Jason Finnis
Bast Fibre Technologies Inc.
Executive Vice President & Co-Founder

Mr. Finnis is the Executive Vice President and co-Founder of Bast Fibre Technologies. He is a 30-year veteran of the hemp and bast fibre industry and brings extensive experience in all aspects of the value chain. Mr. Finnis has worked with farmers in Canada, USA and Europe to produce high quality fibre crops and has overseen the installation and commissioning of several decortication and fibre refining lines around the world – all with the specific focus of maximizing bast fibre quality. As a seasoned CTO, Mr. Finnis has led the creation of multiple patents relating to the processing, production, and fabrication of bast fibre products. Mr. Finnis and the BFT Innovation Team have developed a robust processing platform that carefully softens and individualizes bast fibres to meet the exacting standards required by the nonwoven industry, with the ability to be customized for specific customer applications. Mr. Finnis currently sits on the Board of the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance and is an active mentor to young entrepreneurs through Futurepreneur Canada.

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