Morgan Davis

Morgan Davis
Davis Legal, PLLC
Managing Partner

Morgan Davis is the managing partner at Davis Legal, PLLC, a boutique corporate and political law firm serving clients in Raleigh, NC and nationwide. Davis is an experienced attorney whose practice primarily focuses on matters of corporate law and cannabis. Davis has represented clients at both the state and federal level in criminal court — including many clients charged with significant cannabis-related offenses. For her corporate clients, Davis focuses on addressing the needs of start-ups and entrepreneurs. Specific to the cannabis industry, current clients include cannabis cultivators, processors, retailers, investors, and retail product manufacturers. Davis is well-versed in the CBD industry's multi-faceted issues and routinely hosts seminars to educate businesses at every level of the CBD market. In addition to representing clients in the CBD industry in North Carolina, Davis is a subject matter expert regarding the vast state and federal issues facing the CBD marketplace. Additionally, Davis has cultivated a robust, nationwide professional network consisting of CBD industry leaders and is routinely asked to advise companies on best business strategies to address common problems such as: supply chain reliability, quality control of products, FDA and state agency regulation, criminal enforcement, business risks and rewards, international trade, and access to ancillary services (e.g., banking, insurance, logistics).

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