Tim Houseberg

Tim Houseberg
The Indigenous Production Trade Alliance

Tim - began his career with the Cherokee Nation and served in Environmental Programs for Natural Resources. Tim\'s first assignment was working with EPA Region 6 to develop the first Treatment as a State for Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Solid Waste program for any U.S. Tribal government. Tim is a co-author of the 1993 Cherokee Nation Environmental Protection Act. In addition, he went on to help the establish Inter- Tribal Environmental Council which still exists today and continues to build the technical capacity for Tribal governments to manage and protect their natural resources and shared environments. He has worked with 38 Tribes to-date to develop their Tribal programs and policies in natural resources and environmental protection. Tim is committed to growing the capacity both technically and legally for Tribes to protect their remaining natural resources as well as restore resources thought lost to environmental crimes. Tim co-founded the 501(c) 3 Native Health Matters Foundation a Stilwell, Oklahoma, based Cherokee Community Organization. Tim served on advanced university research team that gathering feral Hemp left by the Hemp for Victory program from Indian land in the Oklahoma territory. In 2018, Tim’s and the Native Health Matters research team Partnered with the University of Arkansas soil and crop to become the first university backed agronomic hemp study in the United States. Tim is interim director of the indigenous Production Trade Alliance. The alliance is modeling supply chains with American Indians by linking Agricultural industry professionals, processors, manufacturers, researchers, entrepreneurs, and marketers with young farmers and farmers of diversity. In 2022 Indigenous-Led Alliance Establishes TEK Approach to Conservation of Natural Resources through In-Situ Regenerative Agriculture and Amendment Application: Biochar in Consort with Non-GMO Native Microbiota Field Title/Position changed from president to Director

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