Ken Elliott

Ken Elliott

Ken Elliott is the President of IndHemp PBLLC which is focused on working with farmers and ranchers in Montana to create an alternative crop and provide economic hope for rural communities in need of change. Ken received the first hemp license in Montana and is a member of the State of Montana’s Hemp Advisory Council. In addition, Ken is also the President of the Hemp Feed Coalition which is focused on gaining federal approval to incorporate hemp products and byproducts into the animal feed industry. In 2020 IND HEMP worked with farmers who planted approximately 10,000 acres of hemp for grain and oil processing. IND HEMP fulfilled the contracts for all of their farmers and are in the process of signing new contracts for the 2021 season. Their hemp seed processing plant is capable of ‘cold pressing’ 12 tons of grain per day of hemp grain which is sold as human food, animal feed and other oil products. Last year, IND HEMP purchased a 5 Ton/Hour LaRoche decortication system and is currently finishing the construction of a 52,000 square foot fiber processing plant in Ft Benton, Montana. This fiber processing facility will provide for more opportunities for our farmers and business partners and continue to help develop the growing hemp industry throughout the United States. When Ken is not working on hemp projects and opportunities he is fully involved with his family’s faith- based non-profit Tikkun Olam Ministries which provides housing solutions to teachers working with Native Americans on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation.

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Farmer Adoption of Hemp in 2023 and Beyond (USDA?)