Corbett Miteff

Corbett Miteff

Corbett “Corby” Miteff started Hemp Seed Warehouse in Wales, UK in 2016. His goal was to find varieties of industrial hemp seed for fiber production that would work in US soil. In 2018, he moved to Tennessee and used the TN Department of Agricultural DEA permit to import European seed genetics into America. He bought a micro decorticator and began his own fiber research trials in search of finding ways to successfully grow, harvest and ret industrial hemp. Hemp Seed Warehouse joined forces in 2021 with a group of like-minded individuals to form KonopiUS. The main objective of KonopiUS is to supply American farmers with certified hemp seed genetics for fiber and grain production, while providing education on how to grow a successful hemp crop.

Speaking at:

Certified Seed & Genetics, AOSCA and International Markets