Alex Escher

Alex Escher
Hemp Hollow Consulting/ Escher Design

Field Short Bio changed from A graduate of Cincinnati’s College Conservatory of Music, Alex became intrigued with the versatility of the hemp plant, from fiber to CBD. He founded HempHollow Consulting to create a collaborative network of farmer facing businesses and to establish a reliable, global supply chain for the green building sector. Identifying bottlenecks is becoming one of his notable strengths. Alex is also Director Of Hemp Development at Escher Design, Inc. an architectural firm based in Dorset, Vermont. He was brought on in 2016 to research industrial hemp and to spearhead the development of standardized, cost effective applications using hemp bio composites. One year later, the firm received national attention as it became the first to build a permitted hempcrete structure in Denver, Colorado. They have projects lined up in Michigan, Colorado and, another first, in Vermont. to Alex is the Northeast Regional Leader of the US Hemp Building Association (USHBA), Director of Hemp Fiber Applications at Escher Design, and a member of ASTM International. He is also the founder of Hemp Hollow Processing, a mobile bucking and trimming service for CBD and cannabis cultivators. His efforts to develop cost-effective hemp bio-composites led to Escher Design receiving the “First Permitted Hempcrete Structure” designation in Denver, Colorado, in 2017. Currently, Alex is collaborating with ASTM to define hemp hurd standards for building applications and working with ASTM and the National Institute for Occupation Safety and Health (NIOSH) on establishing safety protocols for inhalation exposure to toxic levels of cannabis.

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How to manage dust hazards while handling cannabis and hemp.