Ryan Loflin

Ryan Loflin
Rocky Mountain Hemp

Ryan Loflin of Rocky Mountain Hemp Inc in 2013 was the first Colorado farmer in 57 years to plant, successfully harvest, and process an industrial hemp crop in the United States. This accomplishment has been chronicled in major news outlets such as The New York Times, The Huffington Post, The Washington Post, The Guardian, LA Times, Yahoo news, and The Denver Post. Ryan and Rocky Mountain Hemp were also featured on the television program “Ten Things You Don’t Know” hosted by Henry Rollins airing on The History Channel 2. Ryan is a 4th generation Colorado farmer who was raised on an alfalfa, corn, wheat, and cattle production farm in Southeastern Colorado. After creating Rocky Mountain Hemp, Inc., (RMH) in 2013. Ryan recently purchased the family farm from his father. RMH is dedicated to leading efforts in legalizing industrial hemp farming in the United States. Rocky Mountain Hemp continues to pursue the development of our hemp seed genetics while perfecting the nuances of hemp farming in Colorado.

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