Stephen Clarke

Stephen Clarke

Stephen Clarke has a B.Sc. in Computer Systems and Electronics from King’s College in London, he is co-founder and director of Heavengrown and the representative of Hemp Technologies in Mexico. He has more than 15 years of experience in the design and installation of renewable energy systems (photovoltaic, thermal, hydraulic, soil regeneration and water treatment). He is a member of the National Solar Energy Association (ANES, Mexico) and was in charge of the implementation of the first critical process solar system in Mexico. During the last years, he has focused on researching, developing and promoting sustainable open source building methods that involve the use of lignocellulosic fibres such as hemp, coconut, bamboo and agave. Responsible for the first construction in the world that mixes hemp and bamboo as construction elements, located in Tepoztlan, Mexico. He has built several buildings in the USA, the main being in California and Texas. In 2017 he built the tallest building in the American continent, reaching 20m (60ft) of height, made from hempcrete and cococrete. Also in that year he led the charge in building the world's first commercial project based on cococrete in Tulum, Mexico. There are over 6 buildings that are used commercially made with cococrete wall systems in the Riviera Maya. He is currently developing industrial applications with hemp and coconut fibres such as bioplastics, biocomposites, and advanced carbons for use in superconductors and water filtration systems.

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