Bart Eller

Bart Eller
Paonia Soil Co
Executive Director

For many years, Bart Eller was the director of Inc, bringing Internet service to under-served communities globally. Ten years ago he launched the Paonia Soil Co. As the Executive Director, Bart gets to combine his expertise in business and infrastructure with his love of horticulture, resulting in the joy of building organic soil mixes to share with you. Bart and his amazing team apply the work of soil science pioneers like Dr. William A. Albrecht, Dr. Kristen Nichols, and, Dr. Elaine Ingham, combined with his own research, to help growers achieve the best yields with the least cost and effort. As a speaker, Bart is known for combining many natural and organic farming disciplines including permaculture, no-till, keyline, and many other regenerative practices into a simple methodology that both novice gardeners and professional farmers can understand and apply for a healthier crop this farming season.

Speaking at:

The Intersection of Soil Biology & Mineralization for Regenerative Farming