Eric Pike

Eric Pike
Root Origins

- Oregon Department of Agriculture Hemp Commissioner - 30 yrs in the Cannabis/ Hemp Space / 2 generation - 12 yrs in Organic Fertilizer distribution - 9 yrs learning and educating lead agriculture professors/ Zamarano University ( Honduras ) University of El Salvador studying plant medicine since 1622, Vermont, Maine, Kentucky State, Virginia Tech, - founded 2015 - traceable seed to shelf with QR CODES on every product - holds two patents - traveled all of the world seed hunting strong hemp genetics - 10 yrs of Ocean Clean Up - 100k pounds of Trash collected - 2 Chapters adopted with Surfrider Foundation - Co-Created Help Your Harbor - 3 Annual Underwater Clean-ups- 100’s of Divers and 100’s of volunteers cleaning up the Ocean Bottom of Newport Beach - Grant from Patagonia - Grant from State Of California for 1.68 Million Dollars to capture trash before exiting into the deep blue sea. - Created the first Hemp Association in Central America ( Honduras ) - First legal registered Hemp Company in Honduras - Presented Honduras Hemp Pilot Program to Minister of Agriculture and the Vice President of Honduras 2022

Speaking at:

Farmer Adoption of Hemp in 2023 and Beyond (USDA?)