Aaron Appleby

Aaron Appleby
White Coat Laboratories

Aaron has consulted the cannabis industry since 2017, after earning a B.S. in organic agriculture from Washington State University. He has since earned a Master of Science from WSU specializing in organic pesticides and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. at WSU again specializing in organic pesticides, with an added chapter of his dissertation focusing on the hemp russet mite. Recognizing the lack of research and dissemination of information from universities and extension agents to the cannabis industry, Aaron created White Coat Laboratories a Cannabis research and consulting business focused on solving industry wide problems at a farm scale. As a Certified Crop Adviser, Aaron is licensed to consult on all aspects of Cannabis production, but a special interest and talent of his is creating custom integrated pest management programs specific to each company’s site of production and cultural practices. Aaron utilizes conservation biocontrol tactics, to create habitats including native plants that are attractive to native beneficial arthropods and deter pest species in a push/pull approach to combating pests. Working with several cannabis producers, White Coat Laboratories is also studying plant volatiles (including several terpenes commonly associated with cannabis) and their involvement in plant defenses as well as arthropod attraction or deterrence.

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Understanding Cannabis Ecology to Better Manipulate Secondary Metabolites and Pest Populations