Andrew Bish

Andrew Bish
Bish Enterprises - Hemp Harvest Works
COO / Founder

Andrew Bish is the COO of Bish Enterprises and the founder of Hemp Harvest Works. Since 2015, he has been focusing on identifying and resolving the many issues currently facing hemp harvesting and processing. His goal is to provide equipment that helps standardize hemp farming practices while allowing growers to increase their scale of operation and decrease costs, while advocating for the rights of farmers to diversify their crop portfolio by allowing for hemp to be an option just as soybeans or corn are today. Andrew’s relationship with Hemp began in 2015 where Andrew participated harvesting 180 acres of hemp for grain & fiber purposes near Fort Morgan, CO with the Bish SuperCrop® header developed by his father, Brad Bish in Giltner, NE. In addition to operating the day to day operations of multiple business', Andrew helped author, edit, lobby for, and pass the Nebraska Hemp Farming Act in spring 2019, and planted the first legal hemp since prohibition in Nebraska late in the spring of 2019. Andrew is the Founder & President of the Nebraska Hemp Industries Association (NEHIA), affiliated with the Hemp Industries Association, the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance, the US Custom Harvesters Association, the 21st Century Agricultural Opportunities Coalition, the U.S. Hemp Authority Technical Committee, the Hemp Industries Daily, the US Hemp Conference & Expo, WAFBA (NOCO), and others.

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Hemp in Feed, Food & Supplements - Regulatory Pathways for Animal Health and Consumer Safety