James Granger

James Granger
Cliintel Capital Group
Chief Political Officer

James Granger has an extensive career focused on the blooming medical and recreational cannabis industry. James began his career in earnest, following a focus on cultivation, at Native Roots Extracts in Colorado, where he quickly became the Lead Extraction Artist and 710 Cup winner (3rd Place Indica Shatter 2014). Here he advanced his cannabis science and R & D knowledge exponentially with a deeper knowledge of cannabinoid effects, extraction technique, cannabis chemistry and more. James left Native Roots in Oct. 2014 to pursue consulting by opening his own firm, NuScience, LLC consulting for multiple extraction/refinement labs in Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan, Washington, Florida and Colorado. Since then, he became one of the founders and the extraction lead for Jett Cannabis, the newest cutting edge CO2 and solvent-free extraction brand in Colorado. Following Jett; James helped design and built multiple labs in California, having designed and built one of the first legal extraction facilities in the Emerald Triangle in Arcata, CA and a large lab in Central Washington. Returning to Colorado for a second time; James designed from the ground up Seed and Smith Cannabis; an award winning facility producing high volumes of hydrocarbon and Co2 extract products. Following the completion and success of Seed and Smith; James was headhunted for The Clear (Now Clear Colorado Group) to re-build and streamline operations leading to a massive growth in profits and efficiency along with employee retention and a focus on quality and consistency in building a license and brand nation-wide. Following years of operational mastery at The Clear; James has now moved to Chief Political Officer for the Venture Capital firm that owns The Clear and leads the organization in all efforts related to regulatory progress across the nation and internationally, specializing currently in vaporization technologies and works across the Hemp and Cannabis space to oversee the development and regulation of all cannabinoid compounds, regardless of the source, for the betterment of all.

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