Bill Billings

BillĀ Billings
Colorado Hemp Project

My name is William "Wild Bill" Billings, President and CEO and Co-Founder of the Colorado Hemp Project - and part owner of Natures Root Spa, and Everything Hemp. We were one of the first to plant and harvest hemp in 2014 in Sterling, Colorado and last year had harvests in Yuma and Rocky Ford, Colorado. We got into the hemp industry to help the farmers so that they could overcome the prices for commodities that they were planting so they could make a decent living. We also got into the hemp for the many benefits that is provides for humans and animals. The grain, fiber, and hurd as well as the CBD-CBC-CBG and CBN that benefits so many. I am a native Coloradan and look to expand this industry to the levels that are now in other countries around the world. Peace and Health -- Wild

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