Caleb King

Caleb King
Shimadzu Scientific

Caleb is an analytical biogeochemist focused on method development, method optimization, and secondary metabolite identification in plant and fungal natural products. He has over a decade of combined experience in paleobotany/paleoclimate research, water chemistry, veterinary medicine, and cannabis science investigating the biogeochemistry and metabolomics of high-value crops. His focus on secondary metabolite identification has led to success in identifying and accurately quantifying cannabinoids, terpenoids, flavonoids, and contaminants in Cannabis using novel and efficient analytical methods. His expertise in mass spectrometry and compound identification has led to dozens of peer-reviewed publications, book chapters, and presentations. Caleb directed regulatory testing operations, helped scale production testing capabilities, and developed numerous analytical chemistry methodologies at two Steep Hill locations and Front Range Biosciences. Caleb is a co-founder of Tryptomics, a metabolomics company focused on the quantification and identification of compounds in entheogens for harm reduction, medical APIs, and breeding technology purposes.

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Investigation of Cannabis-derived Flavonoid Antioxidants