Wendy Mosher

Wendy Mosher
New West Genetics, Inc.


Wendy is the President and CEO of New West Genetics. Wendy built New West from inception, securing investment to create and protect the company’s market-leading IP portfolio, connect with key commercial partners, and launch its operations. As a thought leader in the industry, she is a frequently requested speaker by both regulators and legislators to lend her expertise on the hemp industry, as well as advises partners in the commercial agriculture and hemp industries. Wendy articulates and continues to refine New West’s strategy and vision, raises capital, and manages investor relationships and strategic partnerships. She holds an MA in Education, which she uses to wrangle her partners into a cohesive, prioritized force.

Speaking at:

Hemp in Feed, Food & Supplements - Regulatory Pathways for Animal Health and Consumer Safety
Farmer Adoption of Hemp in 2023 and Beyond (USDA?)