Chloe Villano

Chloe Villano
Clover Leaf University

Chloe Villano® is the President of Clover Leaf University. Ms.Villano is an entrepreneurial executive, and business consultant with 17 years of experience in business startups and turning companies toward success with consulting services. Chloe is also the owner and founder of Clover Leaf Consulting®, working for years as one of the most sought after cannabis business consultants in the industry. She has consulted for, developed, started, sold, and performed due-diligence for valuation on more successful cannabis business than any other. After working with hundreds of dispensaries, centers, mass cultivation facilities, kitchens, and cannabis brands, she is poised to use her experience to influence the growth of the industry to be safe, well managed, and beneficial to all. As a nationally recognized cannabis expert, she has worked to expand the industry as a public speaker, policy advisor, former dispensary owner, and consultant, specializing in industry compliance, and mergers and acquisitions. She has strong know-how from the most basic needs of the marijuana industry to the most complicated and challenging aspects. In 2012, she founded Clover Leaf University®, the only cannabis education program approved, regulated, and licensed by the Department of Higher Education’s Private Occupational School Board. She has advised various government agencies in the development of both local and state regulations and compliance standards since the inception of the current system. Experience in this area has allowed Chloe to author four books on understanding these complicated compliance standards. Recently she has developed certifications through Clover Leaf University® that provide safety and compliance training to cannabis vendors, cultivators, and product manufacturers. CLU® has educated, coached and trained a wide variety of business professionals, and developed countless business procedures and best practices for the cannabis industry. Expanding her reach as Executive Director of the Cannabis Business Association®, she offers national policy consulting and legislative expertise to other states and various leading government agencies that are constructing new legislation. She has been featured in many publications including People Magazine’s Marijuana Millionaires and The International Business Times 20 most influential people in the cannabis industry.

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