Gemma Ra'Star DiFerdinando

Gemma Ra'Star DiFerdinando
Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary

Gemma announced her spiritual organization the Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary for growing hemp to the DEA, DOJ, and the State of New Mexico in May of 2015, and has since successfully grown three harvest seasons and is still expanding. For the last 17 years, Gemma has been a pioneer in the cultivation, product creation and distribution of the cannabis tree. By making medicine, and assisting others with their self-healing process she is widely acclaimed as the first lady of Hemp and the only person to have written her own SOP and Code of Conduct for utilization, transport and growth of Hemp through Religious Freedom on federal lands and off federal lands. Gemma's efforts have been supporting economic, agricultural, and healing growth within indigenous communities, while building eco-conscious hemp practices. Gemma has been educating the state and tribal governor officials within the New Mexico 8 Northern Pueblos and with Alex White Plume in Manderson, SD.

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