Angel Israel

Angel Israel
Savor The World

Angel Israel is President of Savor The World. Angel has a strong passion to bring equity and inclusion to the African diaspora by way of industrial hemp. She puts great efforts into building the youth and women by creating opportunities globally for sustainable generational wealth. Angel is rising in efforts to empower the global economy and change the hemp industry worldwide. Visiting over two dozen countries in humanitarian efforts and is a firm believer of giving to the community and loving Mother Earth. She lives by using resources God put on this earth for us to use for sustainable development. Angel is carrying out research in Kenya to determine how industrial hemp can address job creation, industrialization, and affordable housing through an empowering program called H.E.M.P. (Helping Economy Merge People) Kenya. This program incorporates industrial hemp (Katani) cultivation, processing, technology, import/export, sustainable construction, education, training, value addition and more. Angel is the missing connection needed between two dimensions and believes with the strength and power of God she will bring forth change to the world!

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